As the Go-To Idea Person for over three hundred radio stations spanning a fifteen year career as a Promotions/Marketing Consultant, few people have better insight into what Radio professionals need, then Paige Nienaber.

There have been a multitude of books and other materials designed to touch on Promotions in the electronic media. But few have had actual relevance to the Programmers, Sales Managers, air talent, GM’s and Promotion Directors battling it out in the trenches of Radio.

"Promotions From 'A' To 'Y' (‘Z’ Was Budgeted Out For 2009)" is a concise, how-to guide with instantly applicable ideas that run the gamut from event set-up, vehicular management, department structure, contesting, website tips and how to inject “fun” into an industry that seems to have forgotten that this is supposed to be a fun job.

Chapters on how to throw and present a station concert, plus pieces on imaging and how great morning shows interact with their Promotion Department have been guest written by some of the sharpest minds in those specific areas of the industry.

The ebook contains the following chapters:

The Job
Contests (buying the vote)
Cash Contesting
Car Contesting
Trip Giveaways
Movie Screenings
Owning A Concert
Throwing A Concert
Owning The Streets
Fun ‘N Games
Bad Client Stuff
Warning Signs and Cliché’s
Lifestyle done
Get Out The Vote
Niche Delegating
Bad Bad Things (Dirty Tricks)
Press Releases
The Internet
New Technologies
When Promotions Attack

This guide addresses every possible aspect of an ever-changing and evolving field.

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